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(you are free to remove the below text) I’m a huge Yuya fan, and while it would’ve been nice to see him in the movie role, I’m just as equally excited for Hiro’s comeback. I don’t doubt he would do an amazing job. Hiro is a multi-talented person, and if you haven’t seen Mei-chan no Shitsuji, I suggest checking it out to see how he is as the dream butler Rihito. (Or really, anything he’s been in — Tokyo Dogs is one of my favorites). And for anyone who hasn’t seen Yuya in the Kuroshitsuji musicals… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING ALL THIS TIME. As much as I would have loved Yuya to get more promotion (and damn, does Sony need to give him more), I can understand why he wouldn’t be cast in the movie adaptation. He’s still young, and Hiro’s name is better known, so the movie would appeal to Kuro and non-Kuro fans alike, who maybe would even get interested in the series itself. I’m really intrigued as to what the plotline would be, since it will be taking place 130 years later. I would’ve loved to see Victorian clothing on screen though! ;A; Oh, and THE MUSICAL BEING REVIVED THIS MAY.


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Corre atráas do coelho rápidoo!! Ele vai fugir!! OMG!!... aproveita e me dá ele de presentee e.e ~~Dorgas

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Meu coelho cara… deixa quieto e.e’ ~~dorguinhas

"Harry acordou com a cicatriz queimando; coisa que não acontecia fazia vários anos. Levantou-se da cama onde Gina ainda dormia e foi se olhar no espelho. Em sua cabeça, ouviu a voz que aparecia em seus piores pesadelos "Eu voltei, Menino Que Sobreviveu, e vou te achar". Reblogue se você queria que isso acontecesse.


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Ai J.K.!!! Já demos o começo, termina para a gente???